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Quality remains top priority at Dhanwant Metal Corporation as we continue to remain true with our service goals while meeting the highest degree of quality standards. With our Quality Management system with our impeccable quality of metal products such as nickel, nickel alloys, Cupro Nickel Alloy, mild steel products, titanium & its alloy, silver & its alloys, Stainless Steel ,copper, lead, Ferro silicon, Ferro molybdenum etc other ferrous & Non ferrous metals. To assure quality of our product we will provide you Mill Test Certificate  or Govt approved lab Test Certificate. All of our employees understand that on-time delivery and fulfillment of a product with zero defects is necessary to guarantee a successful business relationship with our customers.  

Our main aim is to satisfy our customer by providing Best quality of material & services.

Thank you for visiting our website and we hope to have an opportunity to welcome you as a satisfied customer soon!